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Audiology Services


In the Yarraville rooms, full audiology services are always available offering the following -

  • Full diagnostic hearing test for children 8 months and older, including Educational hearing tests
  • Auditory nerve tests including ABR, ECOG & VEMP
  • Hearing aid fitting and rehabilitation (including Office of Hearing Services scheme)

Diagnostic hearing tests and auditory nerve tests are bulk billed (covered by Medicare).


There are tests which are used to assess different parts of the hearing pathway and balance system or to test for particular medical conditions which can affect the hearing system. Some of these tests are:-


Auditory brainstem responses:

This test is used to assess the function of the hearing nerve which travels from the inner ear up to the brain. Electrodes placed on the surface of the skin are used to record very small electrical signals that are created as the information is sent along the hearing nerve. The electrodes are placed behind the ears, on the forehead and the neck. During the test clicking sounds are heard in the ear. The test is carried out while you are lying down on a bed and usually takes between 30 to 60 minutes. There are no side effects to this test.



This test may be used to assess for imbalance in the fluid pressure of the chambers of the inner ear or for evidence of a ‘fistula’ or hole between the fluid chambers of the inner ear. Recordings are made of the electrical activity of the inner ear in response to sound. During the recording a very small electrode is guided along the ear canal to gently rest against the ear drum. Loud clicks are then delivered into the ear to record its response. In a small number of cases people may feel dizzy following this test so it is recommended that you have someone accompany you to the clinic. This test may take up to one hour.


Vestibular-Evoked Myogenic Potential (VEMP):

A vestibular-evoked myogenic potential (VEMP) may be ordered as a diagnostic test when you have certain symptoms of dizziness.

While dizziness is common, there are many things that can cause it, and sometimes finding the cause can be challenging. Sometimes dizziness is related to problems in the inner ear.

The inner ear has two portions: the balance system (vestibular system), and the hearing system (cochlea).

The VEMP is a computerized test used to measure portions of the vestibular system that may be related to your dizziness.
Usually this test takes one hour.


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