List of Procedures
Surgery of the Nose

Septoplasty Turbinectomy


What is Septoplasty Turbinectomy?

Septoplasty is the surgical procedure to correct a bent septum of the nose.

Turbinectomy is the surgical procedure to partially or completely remove the swollen turbinate bones.


The septum is the midline party wall that divides the two sides of the nose and if this wall is bent, air flow through the nose may be blocked. This wall can be bent by the nose being broken or may simply grow in a bent way.

On the side walls of the inside of the nose are the turbinates. These turbinates are like a curtain hanging down from the side of the nose and their function is to humidify the air that is breathed through the nose.

In many instances these swell to an enormous size and block the nose in particular with hay fever sufferers. When the procedure is performed, the curtains are trimmed so they are less bulky and therefore do not block the nose.


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